Terms & Conditions of Business

  1. In engaging Western Eye Limited (WEL) to provide mail, fulfilment and agent services (under the client’s direction) the client accepts WEL’s terms and conditions of business as described on this page.

  2. Terms of Payment: payment is required upon presentation of invoice.

  3. WEL accepts no responsibility for [a] the legitimacy of the client’s business in the territories in which the client’s business is operated and [b] the client’s non-compliance with any laws applicable to the client’s business in those territories.

  4. Accordingly, the client’s obligations are [a] to ensure that there are no legal restrictions on their selling their items and conducting their business in the UK/EU, [b] to comply with all applicable UK/EU laws relating to product and safety compliance and environmental requirements [for example electronic or electrical equipment import] and [c] to honour all intellectual property rights in the ownership of any third parties.

  5. Please note that clients are advised to visit the Trading Standards Institute website (www.tradingstandards.gov.uk) where compliance information can be readily located.  British Embassy and Consular offices can also help with putting you in contact with local organisations with whom you can discuss compliance issues before putting your goods on sale in the UK (and European Union generally).

  6. Selling in the UK/Europe might trigger local tax (e.g. VAT) and customs duty obligations. The client is solely responsible for determining whether any taxes or customs duties apply in the performance of their business.  The client is responsible for accounting for any taxes/duties due and any intrastate reporting to the appropriate tax authority/ies. (Please note that WEL recommends that the client consult with their legal counsel and/or tax adviser before selling in the UK/EU).

  7. In the event of legal, investigative, compliance or any other action being taken toward the client by any party (e.g. government department, trade or commercial organisation, consumer or otherwise) the client confirms that WEL has no involvement or responsibilities related to the client’s business other than as a contracted mail and fulfilment service provider and that the client will indemnify WEL where WEL incurs any liability arising as a result of such action.

  8. WEL’s Terms & Conditions of Business are governed by the laws of England and Wales.